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Nov 04, 1943 - Sep 25, 2018

To have Delma Gordon is to known she’s tenacity embodied; she was determination; she was resourcefulness; she was ingenuity. To have known Delma is to know she was a fighter, a daughter, a wife, a mother, grandmother, a great-grandmother, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a nurturer, a cook, and a mean tambourine player. But to have really known Delma, you’d know she was the proud Wombah, born the fourth child to Ethel and David Thompson on November 4, 1943, at the foothills of what they now call Reggae Falls (back then it was simply dam) in Hillside, St. Thomas, Jamaica.


Delma or depending on how you made her acquaintance, was also know as Miss Telma, Sister Gordon or as her kids called her affectionately—Temma. Stern yet fair, jovial yet reverend, beautiful yet demure, Delma was by all accounts a child with learning on her mind. She wanted nothing more than to learn and spent her early years at Hillside Primary School. Her biggest regret was not having an advanced education, something that fueled her insistence her children did. Education was crucial; she made sure, through sheer determination, her children do better than she did.


To have known Delma is to know stories of childhood memories always brought a mischievous glisten to her eyes. To have known Delma is to know that she loved to cook. It was her custom to always cook a little more than was needed because you never knew who would stop by. And if cooking was a passion, baking was the icing. She loved to bake and would soak fruits this Christmas for use in next Christmas cakes. And she was ingenuity defined. Like using upcycling old oil cans and making them ovens long before she had a fancy stove with a built-in oven. That was a metaphor for this woman who saw challenges as a way to test her resourcefulness, to measure her strength.


To have really known Delma, you would know she made the best escovietch fish, and her potato pudding had the fluffiest tops and that she was borderline OCD with cleanliness. She often told the story of the census taker coming to the house in early 1980s Jamaica, and the floor was so clean the census worker rejected the chair, choosing instead to sit on the floor, admiring her reflection.


To have really known Delma, you’d know that she had this habit of sticking her tongue out, to one side or the other, when she did anything that demanded the slightest concentration. Like beating eggs (tongue to the side), like stirring the pot (tongue to the side), like ironing, like picking rice, like juicing carrots, like reading her Bible. And she loved her Bible. It brought her solace, it brought her connection, it brought her hope, it brought her salvation.


It’s a salvation she was proud to share with her Fish, her heartbeat and with her last words she declared he IS the love of her life. To have known Delma is to know she and Fish represented a love that is not too common these days. Fish, her husband since that fateful day—December 16, 1972—when they said I do…she became his “bride” and he became her forever. But his name isn’t really Fish, and even when Alzheimer’s stole most of her memory, she remembered him well, and that his name is Alfred Benjamin Gordon.


To have known Delma is to know she was the personification of compassion and goodwill. It was that compassion and goodwill that led her to open her doors after Hurricane Gilbert devastated most of Jamaica. Her house was relatively unscathed so she did what only she would do, opened it to anyone needing shelter, cooking and ensuring guests felt at home.


To have known Delma is to know that even as Alzheimer’s ravaged her brain, she never forgot Wombah. Wombah was her alias, the nickname her “enormous” weight had brought her. To have heard her tell it, the earth would shake when she walked.


To have known Delma is to know she loved to dance, and actually taught her young kids how to do the Mash Potato after they had mastered ska. She often shared stories of strategically placing clothes in the bed to fool her father all the while she was out dancing. And as much as she loved dancing, she might have loved swimming more. Her stories of diving into Nixon Hole or any other so-deep-it’s-quiet spot would enthrall.


To have known Delma is to know she loved her seven children. She had the great misfortune of burying her eldest, her beloved son Oin (1983), and may have never recovered. She wore her children’s accomplishments as badges of honor, of great pride. And that pride was not limited to her children but to her children’s children and their children.


Delma spent her formative years in Hillside and would eventually move to Seaforth. She moved to New York in 1989, and has lived in Florida since 1998.


Delma is survived by her Alfred, her Fish, her devoted husband of 46 years. She is also survived by her mother Ethel Thompson, her children Bevin, Lloyd, Julie, O’niel (aka Bya), Cosmie (aka Shelly), Lahoma (aka Mummy) and stepdaughter Karen (aka Kay). She leaves behind 23 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren; sisters Delores and Winsome; brothers Edmond (aka Buzz), Maxley, Norforth, David, Verdel, Junior, Steve and Greggie; nieces; nephews; sons-in-law Reggie and Lorenzo; and other relatives. She was predeceased by her father David (2000), her sister Una (1974), her grandson (1990).


Grandchildren in alphabetical order: Ameka, Andrea, Andrew, Bevon, Darnell F, Darnell T, Dinari, Fabienne, India, Jhanel, Jenee, Joshua, Kimberly, Lorenzo Jr., Lori-Anne, Matthew, Shauna, Tajay, Tanisha, Tawana, Trisha, Tyreke.

Great grandchildren in alphabetical order: Camiela, Noah, Olivia, Ricardo, Shinnikay, Tiffany, Tomoy.


Delma died at the University Hospital and Medial Center on Tuesday, September 25, 2018.






Feb 02, 1959 - Sep 30, 2018





Place of death : MIAMI, FL

Date of birth: 02/02/1959

Place of birth : SAO PAULO , SP BRAZIL

1st born son of Pardal Ribeiro and Dinea Dal Fabbro


Friends of lifelong:

José Antônio Buick

Ricardo Ricco

Nilo de Almeida


Fernando Carvalho


Gugu Cruz

Pietro Cruz

Wilber Ramayo

Carlos Pereda

Marco Antônio Oliveira

Wania Oliveira

Wanessa Oliveira


Bachelor in Law


Business owner Car Rental Business




Apr 03, 1968 - Sep 15, 2018



May 18, 1948 - Sep 20, 2018



Feb 08, 1917 - Sep 20, 2018



Jun 18, 1938 - Aug 31, 2018



Apr 07, 1947 - Sep 08, 2018



Jun 08, 1948 - Aug 29, 2018



Oct 08, 1921 - Sep 08, 2018





Feb 03, 1945 - Aug 13, 2018

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